nearly 2014

It’s Nearly 2014 and a good time to tell friends and associates of if:book UK and IFSOFLO about my plans for the year ahead. 

It's Nearly 2014 so a good time to tell you what's happening next.

I’m writing digital fiction on a practice based PhD at Bath Spa University in NEARLYWRITING & NEARLYOLOGY. As I compose and research this, I’ll be running NEARLY TIMES at venues around the country, and if you or a library/festival/café/gallery/venue you know of would like to book one, or an element of it, or be involved in the project in any way, please email me.


On a Nearly Day I sit in a public place – like a café, pop up gallery, library, festival - with a sign up inviting people to tell me their nearly stories and write them on cards which I display, put on website and some of which will be included in my novel What Didn’t Quite. I bring a display of Nearly Art, ‘I nearly’ badges, copies of The Nearly Times newspaper etc.

During the day I write and chat, can give a talk, run a workshop and/or offer one to one advice on nearlywriting and digital possibilities for literature.

Later I run a Nearly Night where I tell the story of the Nearlyology, sing nearly songs, then invite audience members and invited guests to stand up and tell their nearlies. The events we’ve done so far have been fascinating, funny, moving and entertaining.

So far we’ve run nearly days in Bristol with the artists collective Alldaybreakfast, and as part of the Crouch End Festival, and are keen to do more.

Please contact me if you'd like to book a Nearly Day or elements of it for your venue, festival, workplace, library… Fee negotiable and concept adaptable to your needs.

Additional elements can include: music from The Ifso Band, a five piece combo; a Nearlydancing workshop with choreographer Jia-Yu Corti; bigger collaborative writing projects etc designed to suit the host’s requirements etc.


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