Wednesday, 28 August 2013

nearly store

Here's the Nearly Store I've set up at the Library Cafe in Hornsey including Nearly Times which I made through the Newspaper Club and it looks lovely. All part of the process I'm out to explore, making a fiction with whatever collaborators, platforms and happenings seem appropriate as it goes along. I'm enjoying myself so far.


I've been updating the layout of the blog and find all the widgets have disappeared and only 2 posts show... although my dashboard shows all looking fine. Maybe it's some glitch at google and normality will resume but.. I'm baffled.

But now all is well again. 

doctor nearly

I'm delighted to say that I've been accepted for a fee waiver practice based PhD in Digital Writing at Bath Spa University. I'll be working with such wonderful people as Kate Pullinger, Naomi Alderman, and fellow PhDs include if:book associate Lisa Gee and Christine Wilks, past winner of the New Media Writing Prize. I'll be working on the Nearlyology and a guide to Nearlywriting.