psycholiterogeographiapp is the place to go to download the free GIMBAL app made by Ra Page's Comma Press, specialists in short fiction. The Gimbal allows you to download just the right length and style of story to fit any journey, or to explore in the city you travel to.

Ra writes: "Basically it's a free app that offers you an additional layer to what and how you read a city. You listen to the story being read, whilst the app plots a route for you through the city which the main character is taking,. it literally takes you where they're going. You can, of course, make excursions, explore nearby points of interest, landmarks, or just go off piste.

COMMA publish people like David Constantine, Sean O'Brien, Adam Marek, Jane Rogers and a lot of writers in traslation, including the very interesting Iraqi author, Hassan Blasim.

Download and experiment. This is similar to the app called Phictive which we nearly made with Timo Hannay and others some years ago. But this one really does exist and looks good. 


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