new media writing - the people's prize

Congratulations to Kristi Barnett who won the People's Choice in the New Media Writing Prize. Her thrilling piece, HURST, can be read HERE 
Karen Barley's story is told through tweets and videos shot in a Blair Witch style... and it's very scary!! It also has flies crawling all over it. 

Here are Kristi's own comments on the piece:

Transmedia storytelling: A technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats.

As new forms of internet communication evolve, more and more film makers are taking the opportunity to get their stories out to the masses.  Social networking has provided a platform for transmedia projects to flourish, allowing new and diverse ways of storytelling to emerge. I believed I had discovered a way to visually tell a story that no one else had tried and the key was… Twitter.

I write because I love stories, I love films and I love the art of film making. But most of all I want to entertain people. As a screenwriter, I am constantly stuck with a dilemma; how do I get my story telling abilities out for the world to see?


Most writers want someone to produce their work.  This gives them credits and more prestige within the industry.  To have their screenplay actually filmed and released to the public is a huge achievement but very difficult to realize. Production companies, distribution, agents, money, crew and directors are all needed for a writer to get a screenplay off the page and into reality.


I decided to take a different approach to getting my script filmed and shown to the public. I used the social networking website, Twitter and its 3rd party applications such as Twitvid and Tweetdeck, to tweet out the first Twitter movie. I tweeted the story from a first person perspective as Karen Barley and at the appropriate moments, tweeted through pre edited footage as the visual elements to the story.

The audience was able to “watch” the story unfold before their eyes on Twitter, Tweetdeck, Seismic and many other Twitter based applications. They could even use their smart phones to watch. These applications allow for video’s to be watched and photos to be viewed.  All the followers needed to do was click on them to see the story unravel.


I was able to interact with the audience based on the story plot points in the normal Twitter fashion.  The whole event took 3 weeks and was live, something that hadn’t been done before then. It was an experiment in storytelling that required an open mind and I believe it’s something that could trigger an exciting new wave of storytelling.


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