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if:book UK is involved in an exciting and innovative project: The Global Hamlet – and asking for your help, Dear Reader, in promoting this project to people who would love to be involved with it.

The Global Hamlet is the first, major attempt to produce a people’s translation, annotation and illustration of a great, internationally-renowned literary work.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world will contribute to translating and annotating Hamlet in many languages. Participants will also be invited to produce drawings representing scenes from the play in the great tradition of Hamlet’s illustrated editions, and to contribute video/audio content.

Everyone can participate, anyone can try translating and annotating a verse, under the guidance of leading editors, as, from the ground up, we create the highest quality editions of Hamlet.

The Feltrinelli Group in Italy, Editorial Anagrama in Spain and South America, Athenaeum Uitgeverij in the Netherlands will publish the Italian, Spanish and Dutch editions in autumn 2014. Publishing deals are currently being finalised in the UK for the English language edition, and elsewhere.

Originating in Italy, The Global Hamlet is the brainchild of essayist, writer and publisher Simone Barillari. It has already been shortlisted for a major Italian innovation prize – Che Fare

The Global Hamlet website will be launched in October 2013: there’s currently a holding page at

In the meantime, we’re building a community through Facebook – – and Twitter - @TheGlobalHamlet.

And here’s how we’d like you to help. Please would you…

1. “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (commenting, liking and RTing as often as you feel able!)
2. share this information with those of your friends, followers, students, colleagues and/or acquaintances who are interested in English Literature, Shakespeare, digital innovation, theatre and, in general, having fun with words/language
3. Vote for The Global Hamlet to win the €100k Che Fare Prize (see
4. contribute comments, content or links to Hamlet or Shakespeare-related resources online to our Facebook page.



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