Meade as Nearlywriter in Residence in North London

• 05 November 2012
From today, 5 November, author, "bookfuturist" and former Director of Booktrust Chris Meade is Nearlywriter in Residence at Hornsey Library, North London.
Meade will work on a digital fiction about the importance of recording and celebrating things that nearly happen in our lives. Its development can be followed here.

He will host a weekly meet-up at which local readers and writers can explore new ways to tell stories in the age of blogs, twitter and new media - and contribute their own stories to a Nearlyology of N8. He will also work with local schools and book groups on collaborative writing projects involving top authors as well as students and emerging writers.

"We're all nearlywriters in the digital age - we don't need publishers to decide if we're 'proper', but we do have to take responsibility for how we improve our skills and when to share our words with others," observed Meade, a published author, playright and Arvon tutor who has recently been a participant in Tino Sehgal's piece at Tate Modern, telling true stories to strangers in the Turbine Hall. “I love writing in Hornsey Library. The community gains so much from this shared public space. Now we want to develop it as a hub for collaborative writing and reading."

Users can call in at the if:book cafe in Hornsey Library to find out more about Nearlywriting, come to the free meet-up there, Tuesdays from 11-12, join the if:book community at, and, where they can read the work in progress and add their own nearlyincidents. 


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