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For National Poetry Day, Inua Ellams will be run an online poetry exercise/workshop. Simply put, Inua will tweet instructions and participants, wherever they are can follow these instructions. At the end, they will have written a poem. The theme for National Poetry Day is ‘Stars’ and the poem is also along this theme.

To participate, all that is needed is something from which to read the National Poetry Day‘s twitter feed at or at @poetrydayuk. A computer or a smartphone will do. In a school, I’d suggest a classroom equipped with a computer that is projected onto a white board. This is so the students can watch the tweets as they appear live on The page ought to refresh itself, but if it doesn’t, refresh the webpage manually and the instruction will come through fine. Participants can sit, watch for the instructions and write in notebooks or writing software.

The date for the workshop is on the 4th of October, at 14.00 sharp. The workshop will begin on the hour. The instructions will come every five minutes and the whole exercise will last 45 minutes exactly.

Please have the poem(s) typed up and sent to Chris Meade of if:book UK at by the week’s end and all the poems will be collated and published online.

Happy writing!

Best wishes,
Inua Ellams.


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