one to watch at if:book australia

It's been fantastic catching up with Kate Eltham and Simon Groth of if:book Australia and the Queensland Writers'  Centre. They have ambitious plans and it's not surprising to see Kate listed in this Christmas list of names to watch in Australian culture over the next year:
Here's what Arts Hub has to say:
The coming year will be a big one in the arts. We start afresh with new seasons from all the major theatre companies, we’ll see festivals soar and some crash, and we’ll see Australians make names from themselves both locally and internationally. Here, we have broken down the top 10 faces to keep an eye on in 2012.
1. Kate Eltham, Queensland Writers Centre CEO 
Kate Eltham is the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Writers Centre and has a passion for the new opportunities presented by the digital age through the if:book Australia centre, which focuses specifically on excellence in digital literature. Kate’s professional interest in the future of publishing, e-books and mobile content as well as digital publishing opportunities make her and the QWC ones to watch in 2012.


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