Tuesday, 22 November 2011

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FRI 2ND DEC, 2011 7.30pm

Music, poetry, science, literature, comedy and technology are all on the agenda as 'No Reading Alone' moves to Oxford's city centre for another night of fantastically talented people sharing their passions and knowledge for your entertainment.

£5 tickets: all proceeds will be going to Schools Plus and Book Trust. Bookish charities for the most bookish of events.

Granta  magazine is launching an animated graphic novel inspired by Roberto Bolaño's short story in Granta 117: Horror 'The Colonel's Son.' A girl gets bitten by a zombie; the boy he loves tries to save her; the father of the boy, in turn, tries to save him. Bloodshed spreads across the city, as one by one witnesses become victims . . . and then killers. Click here to start spreading the contagion. 

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