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if:book is working on the Discover Centre's project for the Cultural Olympiade with Winged Chariot!
Imagine the humiliation of entering the new year with nothing Olympic in the forward plan!
We ran a workshop for children and parents exploring stories on line as part of the bid and will be involved in planning writing activities around the stories in the cloud. Here's more details:


21 Jun 2012 - 9 Sep 2012

A unique digital project bringing together authors, illustrators and children to create stories. StoryCloud will reach 500,000 children in their homes, schools and libraries through digital storytelling. Across the UK children will write stories in response to specially commissioned tales and illustrations created by leading children’s authors and illustrators. Twelve brand-new stories have been commissioned for the project: six from leading children’s authors and poets, and six from east London children. Twelve outstanding illustrators will create interactive digital pictures that children can explore.

The children’s stories will reflect the diversity of their communities. For example, an Albanian folk tale or Bengali story that has been handed down through generations. Each week a new story will be released, one a week for the 12 weeks of London 2012 Festival.
Each story will have a challenge or provocation to motivate children to create their own response through writing and drawing. Children will be invited to send their stories to Discover and each week a selection will be displayed on an online gallery.
Children will be able to browse through a carousel of stories, tap and click to select one, then read, listen or play with the story. Children will also be able to add or work on new stories with writers and illustrators.


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