dear readers...

We are working on a relaunch of the IFSOFLO network which aims to provide inspiration and practical tips to writers,
literature organisations, teachers of English interested in exploring digital possibilities for literature.  
We want to know:
What has been your best experience of digital means to make, teach or read literature?
(you're welcome to tell us about your own projects and activities)
What are the biggest challenges you face currently in making best use of digital for literary purposes? 
(Please include the apparently trivial as well as the major ones - they all matter!) 

PLEASE answer these questions in not more than 200 words 
You can send us a video of you answering them if you wish. 
We'll post responses on our in-the-process-of-being-refurbished site.
AND THEN we'll seek to find the simplest and best possible ways to help you with the challenges you face. 

One other question:
We are thinking of moving the community to the IFBOOK facebook page. Do you think that's a good idea?

All the best,

Chris and Lisa

Chris Meade, Lisa Gee
if:book UK 

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