A beginning, a middle, but no end in sight

As we announce the shortlist for the 2011 New Media Writing Prize, Lisa Gee explores the unbound possibilities of digital-era fiction

“A book is bounded. It has a beginning and an ending and a discoverable way of knowing that you’ve read the whole thing.” Theo Gray is the author of The Elements, the elegant iPad book app that launched simultaneously with Apple’s device and founder and creative director of digital book publisher Touch Press. He’s offering his definition of a book and explaining the differences between books and websites. A major one for Gray – a mathematically-inclined visionary who speaks in flowcharts – is that you finish a book. Websites, like space, can go on forever...."

TO READ the rest of Lisa Gee's article from the Independent on Sunday - and see her video featuring if:book and many others, CLICK HERE

Oh and the winner is....www.lossofgrasp.com 
Read more about the judging process on The Literary Platform


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