On holiday in Suffolk I bought for £20 an Olympia Splendid 66 
portable typewriter and overwhelmed with memories from the days of carbon paper and tippex and more besides, wrote this on it.
We've started a song making workshop run by Carl Hodson at the Unlibrary Cafe on Wednesday lunchtimes and this was homework.

And did those feet that I once kissed 
In lazy Sunday bath and bed 
And danced beside in student haunts 
And marched behind where protest led 
Did they now, though worn and sorely 
Marked with maps of calloused lands 
One autumn afternoon and beach walk 
Press fresh impressions in the sand: 
Subtle footprints, moist as when 
You barefoot, light and lithe, 
A force of heat and liberation 
First kicked love into my eyes? 


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