young poets at alpha-ville

I'm at the Alpha-ville festival this weekend with young poets who entered a challenge to write poems about the future on the site which if:book has been working on for the Poetry Society, and the poets are now working with Hayden Anyasi and his team from on a Patch Slam, digitally illuminating their work live and performing it at the end of each day. Here's the first poem, by Alister MacQuarrie.


And here's an interview with poet and producer.

And this was filmed with Alister and fellow YPNer Molly Pearson when they first arrived.

It's been a fascinating weekend, wonderful to see young writers engaging with new ways to make and share work, and great to see how the digital makers respond to poetic sensibility. I enjoyed Joe's pleasure to find that Alister's poem was lyrical and not what he'd expected in this highly digital setting.

A theme of the festival is 'post digital', in other words it's time to think of laptops and apps as just as much part of our everyday lives as motorcars and telephones, they are tools to help us lead our lives, not bizarre arrivals from an alien land. And that's how I want more writers and readers to think too.


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