Well, I hope you all had a good summer on the beach reading your Kindles. Did you get sand in yours? Did you relish the lightness of your bag as you slipped through customs so unladen down by hefty tomes? It's all over now. Name tags and pencil sharpening and laptop recharging. 

We're getting straight down to work with our CREATE CURATE CONSUME seminar on September 19th. Places are going fast, so book now if you'd like to come.

Oh but before that I'm off to Marseille from the 12th to 16th  September to speak at the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing  which is holding its its Electronic publishing Summer sessions focused on the circulation of knowledge and the alliances between authors, publishers, librarians and readers around the digital book. 

Early in November we'll be presenting the Young Poets Network with the Poetry Society at a major conference in London on poetry and schools.

Working with if:book associate Kati Rynne we're continuing our research work, funded by the Gulbenkian, looking at the use of Winged Chariot's apps and other digital materials in schools. 

There are a couple of exciting proposals we're been involved with that have gone to that NESTA fund what everyone's gone for. We live in hope, and the certainty that we'll be furthering our plans for the Unlibrary Cafe and a new model for digital community publishing.

I'm giving a talk at Ljubljana Book Fair's  'Publishing Academia' conference on 23 and 24 November, and in December I'm going back to Melbourne to speak at the OWOVM Conference

Hosted by Victoria University, the Oral, the Written and Other Verbal Media (OWOVM) Conference on Poetics and Discourse will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 12 to 14 December 2011.

With the theme of ‘Testimony, Witness, Authority: the politics and poetics of experience’, the conference brings together practitioners and researchers in a forum to explore the variety of ways experience is reproduced and cultures built through oral, written and other verbal media.
To be held at Victoria University’s city campus in Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne, the 2011 conference will feature language, voice and text from scholars, composers and performers.
IN THE NEW YEAR if:book will be touring around the UK running IFSOFLO seminars and workshops on DIGITAL PUBLISHING.
And of course there will be other stuff too, so please keep in touch. 


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