if:lire is here

if:lire, the Institute for the Future of Reading and Writing, Paris-based sister organisation to if:book uk and the rest of if:books united, was launched in Marseille last friday at the closing event of the Open Edition Summer University. I spoke at the conference on Monday and was lucky enough to be able to spend the week in this exciting city before meeting if:lire's founders, Alain Pierrot, a longstanding contributor of book art links to this blog, and Samuel Petit, publisher and digital innovator. It was a pleasure to meet them at last and see the latest if:thing launched on the world. Alain and Samuel are both fans of comics and graphic novels, so I hope Alain will forgive me for drawing him. if:book London wishes our new partners the very best.

Aperotweet and Egyptian bookhistory found in Marseille


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