3Cs: Creating, Curating, Consuming - the social life of books Monday, September 19, FREE WORD CENTRE, LONDON

How do the practical realities of selling books to customers relate to collaborative creative projects between authors and publishers?
Dr Caroline Hamilton from University of Melbourne is studying the future of bookselling and the key words curation and community. Carolina Ceron, MA student at Goldsmiths College, is looking at how experiments in curating books relate to the history of art curation. Both have been looking at the work of Chris Meade, Director of think and do tank if:book uk and founder of the Unlibrary Cafe, an experiment in building a local, digital culture for reading, writing and publishing. if:book recently curated a series of events at the Free Word Centre on HOW POWER CORRUPTS, a text by Dr Ricardo Blaug. 
Caroline, Carolina and Chris will be talking about their work and proposing a series of questions for general debate:
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How does
 growing interest in collective creative work extend how we understand the definition of the book?
How important is the figure of the curator in modern digital culture and how can this be used to stimulate interest and involvement in books and publishing?
How can these ideas help to actually sell stuff to people?  
Places for this roundtable discussion are very limited.


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