novel experiments

I like this analogue Kindle/iBook shelf but I've lost the link to the article about it so can't tell you who it's by. Sorry!

I did go to the culminating event of A Novel Experiment by Tom Abba, a piece of immersive digital fiction which began with a large tube being posted anonymously to a list of readers a few months ago.
The tube contained a rather beautiful print and a link to a website. Those who received them were fascinated and eager for more, those who didn't clamoured to be included. Then we received a memory stick with lots of writing on.

And that's when I and others realised we were not prepared to put lots of time into reading an anonymous text that seemed fragmented and liable not to make much sense. There were links to lovely imagery and movies, intriguing snippets of story, but nothing to tempt me to plunge in.

The trouble is that if an experience begins with a huge print through the post, I feel it should end with a mysterious stranger knocking at my door. A reception at the Wellcome trust was very pleasant but somehow a bit of a let down after all those raised expectations!

I've always wanted to make reading experiences that include real objects as well as online text, so this was a valuable experiment revealing what did and didn't work. Full marks to Tom for making it happen.

Read more from Tom HERE


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