tools funds tomes and libroids

So I've now spoken at a Tools of Change conference and where better to do it than in Bologna on the eve of the Children's Book Fair that I was never allowed to get to when I was Director of Booktrust!
I was in conversation with Jacob Lewis, CEO of and I filmed him afterwards for the Young Poets Network site.

I returned to find that if:book's somewhat last minute application to the Arts Council for what's called portfolio funding had been rejected, though their evaluation of our work was highly positive.

Section one of their appraisal concludes:

"Based on the successful delivery of their previous projects, and their unique combination of expertise in relevant fields, combined with strong and experienced leadership, if:book is well placed to deliver the proposed programme and help the literature sector adapt to the challenges of the digital age."

So it was a bit of blow that the next para says:

"The application was assessed as making a strong contribution to our goals and priorities.
However, we cannot fund all the strong applications because the budget is limited."

Hmmf. But I am reassured that our work is valued at ACE and hopeful that we will be able to pitch to other funding streams in the future.

The Portable Bookshop is setting up in the Devonshire Arms as we speak, selling books to Crouch Enders, thanks to who have been fighting their way out of financial troubles with determination and some success. Meanwhile we're working on if:book's guide to digital reading, available soon in booklet and pdf form.

When I spoke in Freiburg last year I saw THE LIBROID in action and met its creator Jurgen Neffe. It's  a book of the future type iPad app which is now available from the App Store. It may sound like a villain from Doctor Who, but it looks extremely good and deserves serious attention.


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