Thanks to Caleb Klaces for passing this onto me re. Unlibrary etc.

"I created and am heading a new project: Fleeting Pages.  I'm writing
to see if you have any interest in being a part of the project-
submitting work, running a  workshop, hosting an event/reading of some

In essence, Fleeting Pages consists of taking over one of the spaces
left empty by a failed big box bookstore in Pittsburgh, for one month
starting April 30th, and filling it with independent & self-published
work of all kinds, book arts, workshops, events, and....? All
revolving around various forms of written self-expression.

The idea is a result of a few things; the toll taken on local
booksellers by big box bookstores, a concern for the cultural effects
of big box stores in both their existence and their failure, a general
frustration with the model of the publishing industry, and a great
appreciation for independent and self-published works of all kinds, as
well as for those who create them.

So far, we have work coming in from all over the US as well as from
the UK and Australia. Support for the project has been coming in from
all over as well- 2,000 unique visitors on our website in less than 2
weeks from 47 states and 30 other countries. And national media

You can find more information on the website:  www.fleetingpages.com

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. And please share the
information with any others you know who may have interest- presses,
writers, artists, friends...

Thank you,


Fleeting Pages
A pop-up book emporium of reading, making, and window licking
Opening April 30, 2011




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