Today's the day we've promised to keep Hornsey Library open all night. Last night I dreamt of sleeplessness and so feel shattered already, but I'm looking forward to watching Wings of Desire at 4.00 in the morning and much more.

And now I'm in the Unlibrary with if:book associate Kati Rynne trying to find the simplest words to describe the concept of the Unlibrary to visitors tonight, and also the idea of the Portable Booksop we're planning. SO.. here's the copy we've come up with so far. All comments welcome. And apologies in advance if I've been saying the same thing slightly differently too much lately.

What is the Unlibrary?

> Everything we love about libraries, reshaped for the digital age.
> A community of local people prepared to help each other define their goals and achieve them
> An online network of users keen to support local enterprise and creativity
> A hub for co-working and collaboration
> A place to work, think, learn, write, read, meet and dream

The Unlibrary is a room on the first floor of Hornsey Library. It is open to all.
It has wi-fi, workspace and a sofa.
You can work quietly or chat to other users, hold meetings, make phonecalls.
There’s tea and coffee available next door in the library cafĂ©.

THE UNLIBRARY works like a REAL social network

1) You can create your own ‘personal profile’ on the shelves of the Unlibrary including contact details – email or Twitter name, information on who you are and what your current aims are.     

“I wrote the second draft of my novel in the Unlibrary and logged in each session. When it was done I awarded myself a star. My profile includes business cards, a jar of coffee promoting the media company I work for, some favourite books and some pictures that inspire me to write. I’ve pinned up my website address and Twitter name so that people can get in touch. Making this profile was a great way to focus on what I wanted to write and think about.” – Kati Rynne

2) You can make contact with others by attending our Tuesday morning drop-ins, (11.00 – 12.00),  leaving a message on the Unlibrary wall or in our regular e-newsletter. 
You can follow @theunlibrary on Twitter.

Look out for courses and events curated and run by THE   UNLIBRARIANS: social networking coach Anke Holst and Chris Meade, director of if:book, a think and do tank exploring the future of the book.

THE UNLIBRARY is a collaboration between if:book & Haringey Council

The Unlibrary
Book of Dreams

What are the dreams and nightmares of visitors to Hornsey Library and their friends around the world? Please tell us!

Tonight, March 5th, World Book Night, Hornsey Library, Crouch End, London is staying open all night for music, films, food, debate, reading and writing to celebrate World Book Night and the power of public libraries.

Throughout the night we'll be making an online book of dreams.

Write a recent dream or nightmare, real or imaginary.
Draw a picture and/or write a poem or description or story about a dream or nightmare…

To contribute online you can write a comment below, Tweet us at @ifbook, #worldbooknightce,
or email

To contribute if you're in the library, write on a neon star and pin it to the board or hand it to an Unlibrarians OR you can write collaboratively using Googledocs on the library computers



The Portable Bookshop

Popping up in cafes, shops and bars around Crouch End
With a stock of around 100 titles supplied by the Big Green Bookshop, recommended by notable locals, constantly refreshed with new choices


Write your choices and a line or two about yourself,
Then post them here. 


                                   Chris @ifbook and Robin @raliel


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