portable bookshop lifts off

Well, this Sunday Robin Stevenson, 18th century anachronist and now bookseller, launched if:book's Portable Bookshop in Kiss The Sky, a bar in Crouch End, selling a range of books sourced by the wonderful Big Green Bookshop and including local authors, local themes and plenty of bestselling and brilliant books recommended by notable locals. It was wonderful to see real books being sold in such a characterful, conversational way. The response was wonderful and trade brisk, though providing clear evidence of how hard it is to sell in quantities that would sustain all the overheads of a permanent shop.
We're excited to be working to ensure the future of bookshopping in forms that take account of changing trends in how we spend our money and experience literature.

For now, here's a lovely blogpost from SIMON of the BIG GREEN, and
evidence of our first up-pop and some of the supply chain:


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