how power corrupts. may 10th - 13th, the free word centre

if:book UK is collaborating with Palgrave Macmillan, the Roundhouse journal, the Free Word Centre and the University of Westminster to present a curation around HOW POWER CORRUPTS, a book by Dr Ricardo Blaug.

Events during the week include a talk by Dr Ricardo Blaug which will be available in pamphlet form and online as a film animated by artist Toni Le Busque who will also be making a giant drawing documenting what happens; a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop; Dr Blaug in conversation with a major political figure tbc ; an Unlibrary and Portable Bookshop where How Power Corrupts will be for sale alongside other related material to browse and buy. Discussions between the Roundhouse Group and visitors to the Free Word Centre will all feed into the making of a website and newspaper, created during the week.

On friday May 13th in the morning morning we're holding a roundtable discussion on THE POWER OF LOCAL, an event bringing together community activists and literature organisations. Does the Big Society means stripping away bureaucracy and redtape to hand power to the people or cutting funds to leave the weak to sink or swim? How does it relate to libertarian community politics – and what opportunities do social media provide to disrupt power relations and create radical new forms of community publishing, from the hyperlocal to the global?

In the afternoon we'll hold a second roundtable discussion which will bring together publishers, academics, writers, students and digital creators to debate the future of academic publishing in the digital age.

The curation will offer a unique exploration into how an academic text can spark a wider discussion on a topical theme, pushing its contents into the public domain. In an attempt to break down the research silo and bring the conversations surrounding a book to the fore, these events seek to bridge a gap between theory and practice – asking academe to inform the day-to-day.

What are the implications of digital platforms for academic publishing?
And how does power in politics, relationships and work, change the way we act?

We'll be publishing more details shortly. To register interest go to



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