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The Big Green Bookshop Birthday Benefit
The Big Green Bookshop
March 31st, 6.30-10pm

with the Society of Young Publishers
The name says it all really. This event will be a big, probably green, birthday party. That's also a benefit, because if you haven't already heard, the boys at the Big Green Bookshop are struggling. Just read their blog. They've got nine months to pay off their bank loans in order to secure their finances; without it, the business they've worked so hard to build up may face closure.
But it's just a bookshop, I hear you cry. Well, no, not really. This particular bookshop is the hub of its community, providing a space for local events and for local people to come together. They hold book launches, author signings, book groups, knitting groups, boardgame groups, film nights, quizzes. The list, frankly, is endless. Plus, during the three years they've been open, they've visited well over 300 schools to promote literacy and inspire local children with a love of reading.
So after everything they've done for us, their community, it's our turn to give something back. In holding this party we hope not just to raise lots of money and give them the injection of cash they need in the short-term, but to raise their profile to a whole new group of booklovers who can continue to support the shop in the long-term.
While this is a benefit, it's also a birthday party. We want to celebrate the work that the boys have done over the last three years and thank them for their contribution to the community so we're bringing together as many booklovers and authors as possible for an evening of wine and cake. Please come!


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