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I'm at the Learning Without Frontiers conference this week, surrounded by digital education people and listening to speakers including Minister for Computer Games Ed Vaisey, viral graffiti artist Evan Roth, various big bods from Playstation, Pearson etc.; William Rankinwho gave a good talk on the history and future of books (my caricature made on Brushes for iPad) .. and Neal @Utzy talking about the work we're going to be doing with www.wingedchariot.com this spring. I'm listening to a talk about www.poptropica.com as I write. All interesting stuff, but too much show and tell for me and not enough on the biggest issues, like how we could fundamentally reshape education in the age of financial austerity and digital abundance, like how much of educational thinking remains so extraordinarily untouched by the cultural transformation going on around it.
We've just had some excellent feedback on the HOTBOOK resource for secondary schools, but I'm still disappointed that we've heard so little back from teachers, positive or negative, about our immersive (and FREE!) project on the Future of the History of the Book. A good friend, very supportive of our work in principal, has just moved to a new teaching job. She likes the school but the whiteboard in her classroom doesn't work, "which is great" she says, "because I can teach the way I'm used to." Which makes me wonder whether many of those who told us HOTBOOK was just what they were looking for to use in their schools have just not quite got round to using it yet. 
I'm getting excited about the idea of developing a package of resources for teachers about the affordances of digital which would be entirely analogue, involving work you could do with pen, ink, chalk only. Anyone interested in this let me know. 

F.A.T. Lab: Fuck Google Week Wrap Up from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Here's Evan Roth's inspired viral intervention re googlification. What fun.  
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