why the net matters

Why the Net Matters, Canongate's latest iPad app, is a text in praise of networkedness By David Eagleman, given stylish illumination with pictures, web links plus those nice rotatable graphics they can do on the tablet, so that you can spin a picture of Michelangelo's David through 360 degrees. I read it in one sitting, engrossed. I liked the navigation and found it was shorter than I'd expected it to be, thought this bold restatement of the political and social potential of the web was useful and intelligent in its simplicity, and found something about it slightly quaint and retro. Overall the app reminded me of a pop up book, brightly coloured and with a visual ingenuity that only sometimes added greatly to the text. And because it's designed for digital, it reminds me that we're very used to words, links and pictures on line, but we usually call them websites and expect them to be free. A very enjoyable reading experience that asks more questions than it answers - which is always a good thing. 


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