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Freiburg looked ridiculously Christmassy last weekend when I went to speak at the Schreibwares conference, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A panel discussion including WG Sebald fan Valie  Djordjevic from Berlin and Amsterdam academic Joost Smiers, caused some debate when Joost advocated scrapping copyright law entirely.

We're moving from a culture of publication to one of conversation in which some contribute tweets and comments, others fashion major texts in book form. But our legal framework is linked fundamentally to a model involving the mass distribution of stuff for passive consumers.

The model I'd like to develop through the Unlibrary involves the skills of a deal maker able to help the producers of online books/sites/things to find the best business model for their individual projects large and small, including templates for profit shares between all involved.
Please contact me if you think you might be able to advise.

Thanks to Kirsten Reach for sending us the video below. The best bit is the stretchable screen - I'd like one of those.  And the toothbrushing bit is good - is the mirror powered by the toothbrushing I wonder?

From Writing & The Digital Life: 

University for Strategic Optimism & Genetic Moo on Resonance FM Wednesday Dec 8th 2010.

Join Furtherfield on Resonance 104.4FM
Wednesday, Dec 8th 2010.
Time 7-8pm (UK - GMT).
Hosts: Marc Garrett, Irini Papdimitriou & Jonathon Munro
Special Guests: Tess Quixote and √Čtienne Lantier from the University for Strategic Optimism, Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup from Genetic Moo.

Info & downloads of past broadcasts (scroll down page):
Live Resonance FM broadcast:

This critically acclaimed broadcast is every Wednesday evening at 7-8pm, a series of hour long live interviews with people working at the edge of contemporary practices in art, technology & social change; discussing events and controversies, exhibitions, artworks and their social contexts.

Marc will be interviewing:
Two members from the University for Strategic Optimism, Tess Quixote and √Čtienne Lantier. USO have formed a university based on the principal of free and open education, a return of politics to the public, and the politicisation of public space.

As university buildings are boarded up their flexible and critical group physically inhabit banks and shopping outlets as public spaces for open debate; using these public areas as places for introductory lectures to their "course entitled ‘Higher Education, Neo-Liberalism and the State’." - View two examples of their recent public lectures at Lloyds TSB, London Bridge ( and Tesco Superstore Old Kent Road, London (


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