all power to the imagination!!

The protests against cuts to education are leading to some radical and playful adventures in learning.

The University of Strategic Optimism has been holding open lectures in Tescos on the Old Kent Road, while in Leeds The Really Open University recently held an excellent three day event, RE-IMAGINING THE UNIVERSITY (they also sell a wicked tee-shirt).

Meanwhile back at the UNLIBRARY, we're looking to provide a local setting for people to devise and run their own informal short courses and learning journeys, filling the gap between the formal education which is now becoming so prohibitively expensive and 'just reading stuff'. The public library is where that learning belongs. With ferocious cuts looming over libraries, we argue that these are still essential public spaces for democratic learning and dreaming. We are also committed to building an open community of creative collaborators which is resilient enough to survive and thrive in all circumstances, using digital means to connect, reflect and organise.

To join the Unlibrary, go to To read more about our Hornsey branch (well, ok, the only one so far!) see this article from the Ham & High Broadway.


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