Homepages - here's our collaborative poem so far.


Thanks to all contributors. Happy National Poetry Day! 


The eye inside the light blinked
Windows filled with dark dew
An invisible mingling

Their room was a-buzz with lemon joy

To be home with her in bed
Stars blinking
Snuggled down in a hotbed of networks
Clutching at her hands


Away from the epicentre
Through plasma screen portals
Treasure houses lurk
Pillowed with people

Blue screens surface familiar faces
Home sick


Hello there :D
Just got home 4 A Nap
My second lecture got canceled
Everything aches

Hello. My mom is awake.. and upset
Cnt Wait 2 Get Back Home
Neva Felt Like Dis B4
Sesak nih di ang-kot me-lolo
Miss my home.

home is however i tag my tweets
where the wi-fi wafts me
in invisible minglings

The wi-fi was as inconsistent
as the quality of coffee
and your willingness to leave
the colours and the people as they were.

I needed
as always
an image.
what I want
is copyrighted.

Thinking about
a home business
and not sure
where to begin

Today will go as follows; -
Shower. Hair + makeup.
Job Center.
Back home.
Find outfit for tonight..

The incessant soundtrack of rain

Nothing was accomplished today
This drive home feels forever

Just survived shower of rainstorm-like magnitude.
Sunshine behind me. Bouncing raindrops in front
 Now back home

When one door close and you come home late,
your ass sleeps on the lawn
and getts woken up by the sprinklers!

Once children are set free
They might never return
Or they may come back so much that
A shape like a mummy, will appear
On your smooth dirt floor
Where they will sleep
Leaving the beds for younger children - and pets.

Kid home today from school with mysterious eye thing.
Hoping to find out it is nothing at the Drs.
Why are toddlers filled with oddities?
why are toddlers filled with oddities?

Hello. Feel really lost :(
Left my ipod at home.

No mattress soft enough to
bear the weight of
wearied life

#@*&^?"@! (hash at star ampersand question exclamation)
That is my language
My fellow workers at
The Book House speak
!?"*%$#&}   (Exclamation question star percent hash bracket)
Can we get some help here?

I’ll swap places with anyone bored with their life,
as long as it doesn’t involve winter sports or dogs
& their ex-wives don’t turn up drunk at 2 am.

wrds wth n vwls cmpt wth wrds wth o cnsnnts

I have to go home on a peasant wagon today
cause my parents are still at work -
i actually hate them!

Working from home when sick is priceless. Sweat suited down...
Home from work browsing the news on the interwebs

"give us a homepage!" they said.
And so I did.
A page for home, a home for my pages.
And yet...
It wasn't
A comfy sofa. A smelly dog.

It was all about ME
and my creepy stuff.
Was I at home in it?
Probably not.

I showed it to the sofa, and
My sofa wobbled with laughter beneath me

My sofa wobbled with laughter beneath me

Pushkin, sitting beside me, wobbled in synchronicity

but the earth stayed still

of my maunder

the swimming pool the giant
were not after
all the place for a

but it was every day
poetry all the same

Dead tired
every fiber of my being wants to be home with her in bed
Backrubs fix all

Office chairs emptied
Everything aches.
The rain is no more.
The jars by the window with sun shining through.

The eye inside the light blinked
Windows filled with dark dew
An invisible mingling

His beery lips in a kiss-like ‘Oo!’
He says, ‘Darling, I want to build a homepage with you!’


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