#homepages - a collaborative poem for national poetry day - update

HERE IS a chunk of the poem, assembled by Kati and I from contributions and including tweets found on a search for mentions of HOME. Please keep those lines coming and thanks to all who have given.
Log on at www.ifsoflo.ning.com and go to the forum OR use twitter #homepages.
We'll be posting more extracts later.

The eye inside the light blinked
Windows filled with dark dew
An invisible mingling

Their room was a-buzz with lemon joy

To be home with her in bed
Stars blinking
Snuggled down in a hotbed of networks
Clutching at her hands


Away from the epicentre
Through plasma screen portals
Treasure houses lurk
Pillowed with people

Blue screens surface familiar faces
Home sick


Hello there :D
Just got home 4 A Nap
My second lecture got canceled
Am home early... Everything aches
Hello. Feel really lost :(
Left my ipod at home.
Hello. My mom is awake.. and upset
Cnt Wait 2 Get Back Home
Neva Felt Like Dis B4
Sesak nih di angkot melolo
Miss my home.

home is however i tag my tweets
where the wi-fii wafts me
in invisible minglings

The wi-fi was as inconsistent
as the quality of coffee
and your willingness to leave
the colours and the people as they were.

I needed
as always
an image.
what I want
is copyrighted.

Thinking about
a home business
and not sure
where to begin

Today will go as follows; -
Shower. Hair + makeup.
Job Center.
Back home.
Find outfit for tonight....


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