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Nick Dalziel runs a secondhand bookshop in Blaenavon, Wales, but to be honest, in true Black Books tradition, Nick has been somewhat resistant to parting with tomes from his excellent stock up until now. For some time, if:book has been pleading with Mr Dalziel to allow us to offer volumes from his shop for sale to our readers, what with there being nothing quite like the look and feel of a paper and cardboard book and all, and we think he may be caving in under pressure. Look forward to offers over coming weeks. Meanwhile if you happen to be passing his shop, see if you can convince him to let you in. Dalziels is at  32 a Broad Street,
Blaenavon, Tofaen, Wales, NP4 
9NF. And if he won't open the door, try phoning him on
079051344 for more information on his books about....
Music > Counter Culture > Science Fiction> Poetry > Local History > Politics > Modern Signed First Editions > also Contemporary Art with an emphasis on Urban.
Here's Nick with Sincerely L. Cohen.

Meanwhile we can now confirm that Simon from the legendary Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, London, will not only be selling (new) books at our forthcoming conference on THE AMPLIFIED AUTHOR IN THE LOCAL UNLIBRARY, but will also be appearing on the panel with Shreela Ghosh, George Palmer and others. To book your FREE place for the 23rd November, HURRY to


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