teaching in tibet

Via Ksenia Petrova in Moscow comes this amazing work opportunity:

Tibetan school in the Ragya settlement (Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Amdo/Qinghai province, China) needs an English teacher-volunteer, preferable with the basic knowledges of Chinese or Tibetan languages.

There are about one thousand students (Tibetans), from the age of 6 to 17, in this school. The Ragya settlement is 417 km (10 hours by bus) far from Xining city (the centre of Qinghai province). It’s about 3700 meters above the sea level, on the Yellow river, near the biggest Gelug-pa monastery - Ragya and about 80 km far from the Machen (Dawu) settlement, 3 hours far from the sacred mountain Amnye Machen.

It’s a Tibetan remote place, in the middle of the Himalaya mountains, with nomadic families, yaks and flocks of sheep around. A picturesque place but with a rigorous mountainous climate. The school is providing/covering: - a place to live (not very comfortable - there is no well-developed infrastructure, - but maximum is what they can have); - meals (at school dining hall + rations); - basic needs (as far as possible);- helping with Chinese visa (under discussion with a final candidate);- Tibetan language classes (Amdo dialect).

For questions, please, write to: anna@snowliontours.com


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