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An interview with Leah Barclay, an astounding composer, one of the NeoGeographer artists I met and worked with on the Sunshine Coast of Australia this May.

"Leah Barclay, sound manipulator... has taken a pivotal step in creating an innovative work of global value in the preservation of cultural heritage. The work is called “Sound Mirrors.” Leah travelled across Australia, India, Korea, China and Hong Kong to capture the sound for this work. Her interactive installation opens at the Noosa Regional Gallery, on Friday October 8th.
She talks Mark Rodriquez about it."

Another NeoGeographer doing wonderful work is Judy Barrass , maker of books as art who is 
aka Juanita Deharo in Second Life where she owns, operates and exhibits at ‘The Fine Art Gallery’.
Judy/Juanita has done much to encourage the creation of digital artists books in Second Life, texts you (or rather your avatar) can walk into and interact with. 

As part of NeoGeography she's been running workshops in the library at Noosa making zines with a wide range of library users.

In an article about the project she writes:

"I trained and worked as a journalist in the early part of my working career and have written and/or illustrated a few non-fiction books over the years. As a visual artist I majored in fibre at art school, but I started working in artist books after spending a couple of years doing some Paper and Book units at University of Tasmania in the early 1990’s. Artists who work in this genre are interested in, and incessantly debating, questions that surround definitions of the book and reading. As part of this project it has been an interesting experience for me to come into contact with writers and to see their different perspective on these issues.
I also work as a new media artist and have been making, and researching  the concept of, ‘virtual books’, which are something quite different to digitised books.  One of the spin-offs from working in this project and coming into contact with writers and the people from If-Book will be that I am now planning to explore this area more deeply, and perhaps  will try to build a bridge between what is happening in the world of artist books and the world of writing. This is probably something for the future. I want to explore the notion of reading and literacy through the creation of virtual artist books, as well as my traditional work."


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