#homepages - a collaborative poem for national poetry day

Help to write a collaborative poem to celebrate National Poetry Day.
From now until the end of the day before National Poetry Day, if:book’s Director Chris Meade and if:book associated Kati Rynne will be gathering in tweets, emails and posts to the writing forum www.ifsoflo.ning.com and shaping them into a very special poem on the
theme of home for the digital age.
the opening line of the poem has been supplied by award winning poet and poet-in-residence, Daljit Nagra. 

To follow the poem's progress, sign up free to the digltal literature network www.ifsoflo.ning.com and, for those on Twitter, simply use the hashtag #homepages and follow @ifbook.

Throughout the day on Wednesday 6th October, Chris and Kati will be publishing chunks of the text and reporting on its progress at the ifsoflo ning and on  www.bookfutures.com, . They will be working live on the poem at the Unlibrary, a new space for creative collaboration being developed with Haringey Council at Hornsey Library in North London.
Chris Meade is working with the Poetry Society to develop a network of young poets said, "This is a fantastic opportunity to make a crowd sourced poem exploring the concept of home for people who now have so many friends and favourite places online.
Previous if:book collaborations include the 24hr book, a novel written by 20 authors, edited, printed and launched over one weekend.
"We'll wait and see what happens before deciding how best to present the finished work, but we're looking forward to publishing and or performing it somehow." said Chris. 
Copyright of the final poem will belong to if:book who will aim to credit the authors and, should  we ever generate income from it, we will put the money into running other collaborative projects in the future. if:book is a charitable company.

Daljit’s opening line is:

My sofa wobbled with laughter beneath me

What next? It's up to you!


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