to be is to doodle

The RSAnimate series on YouTube is magnificent, the only problem being that the animation is so beautiful to watch that it's actually easy to forget to listen to what's being said.
Dan Pink's talk about what drives us is very relevant to the amplified author and big anxiety.

Meanwhile my blog post is out on

Seth Godin's decision to leave his publisher in order to amplify himself is getting lots of attention and many are pointing out that he is uniquely well placed to do this, given that he's turned himself into a brand in his own right some time ago. But publishers miss the point that it's not just Big Cheeses like Godin whose world view is changing. Those at the beginning as well as the height of their careers are increasingly taking control of their own writing lives in just this way. Whether or not they seek publication, they're no longer defined or constrained by publishers, they write at their laptops and broadcast their work from there via blogs, tweets, publications and self publications.


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