I bought a didgeridoo at the Green Man festival last weekend but rather than subject you to the farting noises I'm making with mine so far, here's Lyndon Davis, performer and indigenous storyteller performing for us outside Cooroy Library earlier this year. Lyndon is one of the artists working on the NeoGeoGraphy project on the Sunshine Coast. And while we listen, I'll reflect on what a relief it was to be off line for four days whilst attending the Green Man festival in Brecon Beacons. Also I noticed that few people were filming the proceedings on mobiles or flipcams and not many were using their phones at all. Is that simply due to lack of signal or battery life - or are we getting fed up with living  life through the viewfinder on our phones? Not that I've got anything against laptops, iPads, flip cams, twitter etc. as regular readers will well know. But sometimes it's nice to step outside the Apple frame and look directly upon life. Did weblessness  liberate my mind to have more perceptive or poetic thoughts? Nope. Did it make me vow never to blog again? Nope. It did make me think more about how to define and implement some well balanced regime of different kinds of web use - like the idea behind www.mindapples.org   which invites us to think of what constitutes a 'five a day' regime of healthy thinking. I'd love to get more comments appearing on these pages, so ask for your rules and maxims for a positively digital life.


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