russia now and then

More documentation from my Russian trip: first an interview with the marvellous illustrator and writer Andrzej Klimowski, one of the group of us brought over from the UK, including Doug Wallace of Self Made Hero whose logo Andrzej designed. Andrzej produced iconic covers for Milan Kundera's novels and many other wonderful things including graphic novels and adaptations of classics. He introduces himself here then talks about the allure of the digital, his love of surfaces and his hopes for Russian graphic digital fiction.

Second is an interview with Ksenia Petrova, writer and Tolstoy lover, who toured me around Moscow sites including Leo's old home where she explained more about his view on copyright and the tensions caused when he declared he wanted his work to be free to distribute after his death.

Finally, music from the amazing Gagarin Brothers mixed with other souvenirial bits and snippets of others at the book fair include Cat Weatherill, storyteller.√


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