future of the bookshop

Prospero's Books, our local bookshop in Crouch End, is up for sale and that makes me sad, though I can't say it's been a very welcoming, literary hub in the community. But I like bookshops and want them to find a new way to flourish.

I'm interested in setting up a Future of the Bookshop, and looking for others interested in helping to think about what such a place might be. I've had experience in bookselling in the past. I ran the Penguin bookshop at Heffers in Cambridge in my early twenties and also worked at the legendary High Hill Bookshop, whose infamous owner Ian Norrie died this year. His memorial was a warm and nostalgic affair reminding me of the joys of the trade. SO, I'm seriously interested in hearing from potential partners/backers who'd like to have a crack at making a local bookshop/space fit for the 21st Century.

And, as if:book has charitable status it would also be possible to do a pop up version.
Please comment here or get in touch if you'd like to talk further about this.


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