if:book at london book fair

Children’s Bookfutures: Children’s Literature & Digital Imagination

Monday 19th April 2010

10:00 – 11:00

The Westminster Room, Earls Court 1
About the seminar:

This will be wide ranging discussion about new media and children’s literature.

What does the 'iPad moment' mean for children’s literature?
Is it the long anticipated death of the book or isn’t it very exciting that books are moving to the 'main stage' of our culture?

How can new media really enhance children's literature and what are the dangers?

What art and literature of the past may be relevant in thinking about new platforms?

How do we judge quality and promote literature as an experience alongside games, web and all the other media accessible digitally?


Chris Meade - if:book (Chair)
Naomi Alderman - Author
Neal Hoskins - Winged Chariot Press
Amanda Wood - Templar Publishing


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