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The Salon I chaired last night at Somerset House was organized as part of Romesh Gunesekera’s residency there. Kate Pullinger (whose book Mistress of Nothing I really enjoyed by the way),
Adrian Hon of the award-wreathed Six To Start and Lisa Gee, guardian of the website of the Orange Prize for Fiction, spoke eloquently both about the creative possibilities for writers and the seismic cultural shift going on and its implications for all of us.
Even if writers carry on making work in exactly the way they always have, the changing context around it transforms things utterly.
The guest list was impressive and the conversation fascinating. Thanks to those who tweeted it – search #noink (No Ink) to read them.

Fact of the night (via Adrian - can this really be true?): 1% of the world’s population is currently playing Farmville on Facebook. Whenever games are mentioned at educational or literary events, patronising smiles play on people's lips. Yet the economic power of the games industry is astounding to behold.

Here are words of wisdom from the Vogon Captain, Bill Thompson.

And because I can, I'll now insert a link for buying Kate's book from Amazon:

There you go.


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