april is SEIZE THE TIME time

if:book / ifsoflo

if:book has been arguing for some time that THE LITERATURE SECTOR, with its experience of curating projects, festivals, publications and relationships between readers and writers, is better placed to create innovative models for the future of literature in the digital age than conventional publishers. 

Is all that just guff or are we going to SEIZE THE TIME?

With the arrival of the iPad imminent, bookshops closing and all kinds of digital experiments appearing from conventional publishers, the future of the book is happening now. 

With an election looming and cuts promised by all parties, it's a key moment to take stock and think ahead. 

It's time to act quickly but think deeply about how our culture is changing as industries converge - and what the future role of your organisation can be. 

IFSOFLO has designated April 2010 as time to SEIZE THE TIME.  Chris is providing a limited number of FREE SURGERIES and setting aside time individual meetings, group discussions, training events, skype chats... whatever you  think (within reason!) might help you to develop plans for your organisation's digital future. 

At the same time we'll be talking to key people in publishing, literature, new media, broadcasting... infact to anyone whose knowledge and opinions seems relevant to this work, and disseminating what they say via the Bookfutures.com blog, Twitter (@ifbook)  and the ifsoflo.ning.com community.  

if:book has a pool of associates and allies whose experience we can draw on to tackle the issues you face. 

Do you feel you know how you want to develop your work in the digital sphere?
What are the blockages to progressing your plan? 
They may include lack of technology, lack of information or imagination, resistance from your board, your staff or your users... 

The world of books urgently needs the ideas and vision of those practitioners, writers, teachers and readers who may be too unconfident about new technology to spot the possibilities it offers to do what they've always most wanted to do.

Tell us what's worrying you, what you need to know, how best we can help.
We can come to you, or meet you at the Free Word in Farringdon, where we are associates. 

All the best



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