knock knock knocking

These Social Network thingies are weird. After talking to my namesake about fictiveness and Quixote, I tweeted Dave Stewart, ex of the Eurythmics, after I found myself telling the famous Bob Dylan of Crouch End story, variations of which I hear regularly at gatherings of people from this neck of North London. I heard the definitive version from Dave Stewart's P.A. who I met when Stewart bought the old Hospital building next to the Poetry Society in Covent Garden when I was Director there.
Here it is:

Once upon a time Bob Dylan came to Crouch End to meet Mr Stewart at his recording studio, housed in an old Church on Crouch End Hill. But Bob accidentally went to the wrong church - one still in operation on Crouch Hill. He knocked on the door and said to the Vicar, "I've come to see Dave."

Dave the verger was at lunch, but Dylan was invited in and offered tea. When the verger came back he was told, "Your friend Bob is here to see you" and found himself ushered into the presence of the Great Man himself.

It's a good story though it relies on everyone thinking it highly unlikely that this sleepy suburb would attract a rock legend.
Now Crouch End has a fairer share of pop and soap slebs.

Anyway, I also told Dave Stewart that I remembered him visiting the Poetry Cafe at the Poetry Society in Covent Garden when we first set it up with the dynamic Mark Mitchinson. I was pleased to get this tweet back:

@ifbook ha yeah I liked that poetry cafe

Then I thought to ask him about another rumour that circulated at the time. This was Dave Stewart's reply:

@ifbook yes that is true I nearly took Bob Dylan there


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