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2010 is no bad time to be a writer

Traditional publishing may be in crisis, but the internet has given all writers a chance to win both readers and remuneration

An article by Robert McCrum on the Guardian site this morning says lots I agree with.

The STORY, organised by Matt Locke of 4iP was an amazing day of tellings - 20 minute presentations by an array of inspiring talent including Cory Doctorow, Tim Wright delivering a hliarious and moving account of his obsessive hoaxing, Dr Aleks Ms. Internet Krotoski showing her Making Of Virtual Revolutions diary, graphic artist Sydney Padua (see comic below) and lots more. No questions, no break out groups, no manifesto, just.. lots of stuff about stories, plus an array of networker types all bumping into each other and tweeting about it enthusiastically after. I enjoyed myself and did go away with plenty to ponder about the new ways we tell tales.

The Newspaper Clubb printed a paper for the day which contained an ad, designed by Joe Coppard of www.patandtrevor,com, for Phictive, the group we're part of, drawn together by Timo Hannay and including supercoder Euan Adie, Londonist Matt Brown, and Chris Roberts, editor of One Eye Grey, a penny dreadful for the 21st Century. The group is developing a means to make and publish digital fiction for the iPhone, iPad and other new platforms and aims to bring together writers and coders to create compelling, media rich content. More details to follow.


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