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I was friended on Facebook a while ago by someone called Chris Meade or Meade Chris, with digital and literary interests too.
It turns out we have quite a lot in common.
This exchange just took place on his page (and I hope he's ok with me reprinting this):

Meade Chris "Why does it make us uneasy to know that the map is within the map and the thousand and one nights are within The 1001 Nights? Why does it disquiet us to know that Don Quixote is a reader of the Quixote, and Hamlet is a spectator of Hamlet?"
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Chris Meade Makes me uneasy that my namesake is as interested in metafictive stuff as I. Years ago I wrote my dissertation on Quixote and Tristram Shandy .
20 hours ago ·

Meade Chris Don't be uneasy, Mr. Meade--as Don Quixote would say, matters of war, more than other things, are subject to constant change. And of course, among other things is namesakes. Especially namesakes, even--they are always reading their names in books and things, and thinking that they've written them, and then writing even more such stuff.
20 hours ago

SC hmmm....
9 hours ago

MK My brain just did a backflip, because as far as I can tell there is now more than one Chris Meade. Holy moly!
3 hours ago

SC did you just create another account to do this, chris? or do you really have another secret account like i do?
3 hours ago

Meade Chris Why are you guys so anxious that Chris Meade is facebook friends with Chris Meade? In the rest of the quotation above, Borges concludes, "I believe I have found the answer: those inversions suggest that if the characters in a story can be readers or spectators, then we, their readers or spectators, can be fictitious."
but no, Chris Meade is a legitimate Londoner and book-futures aficionado and namesake, with quarterly goals and everything.
2 hours ago

Chris Meade I'm an imaginary Knight of the Sad Countenance


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