Writing the World a new Poetry Competition for young people

Winning poems will be published on the Natural History Museum’s website and featured in the October edition of Second Nature the museum's magazine for young members. Prizes include beautiful books on biodiversity presented by Dorling Kindersley and Silver Jungle. Selected by the novelist and poet Sue Hubbard. To enter Writing the World visit Cool it Schools ( the global online climate change and environmental project for young people, ‘Competitions’. Cool it Schools is a Biodiversity Education Partner with the Natural History Museum. Enquiries

Celebrate the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity

The theme: Slip inside some scales, feathers, fur, or shell. Imagine you are a bird, fish, mammal, plant or insect, even an amoeba, and write a poem about your changing environment. Your poem can be funny or serious but, hopefully, it will tell us something new about how species adapt to a changing planet. Decorate your poem with paint, crayons, grass or seeds, whatever material tells us a little more about your chosen subject.


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