snow thoughts

The new year kicks off with a blizzard of future of the book thought and do.
At if:book we're racing to complete the Hotbook, launched Feb 2, working flat out on some top secret projects far too hush hush to disclose, writing for BECTA and the Apples & Snakes My Place Or Yours site and putting together project plans for great stuff in schools... Exhausting just to think about it! Meanwhile the twittersphere is a flurry of talk about the long awaited iSlate/tablet/pad launch (I think iPad sounds best) and new eReaders cropping up all over, along with unreliable claims about sales over Christmas. There are so many predictions coming out of the futurists that George Walkley has created a grid of them

And the tone of the conversation is shifting, from a philosophical debate about the nature of reading, culture and literature, to more prosaic and practical stuff about formats and marketplaces. The future has arrived and becomes the now, more urgent, less... well, imaginary. We'll be running ifsoflo roundtable events around the country this year, to make sure that literature organisations are at the forefront of developments in distribution and that true imagination thrives in the midst of hectic digital hype, but it's also time for if:book to focus on the production of wonderful things with inspiring partners and talented writers and makers.


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