popping up all over

So, is this dad smuggling a screen into a picture book so undermining the booksharing experience by turning it into trainee computor gaming, or is it a beautiful and elegant enhancement of the joys of picture books in the tradition of pop ups and peekaboo? Sticking a phone into the pages of a paper book is not unlike recreating the page turn online. It feels a bit naff, a bit retro - but is also for the moment an effective means to signify to readers that this material should be given a certain kind of attention, should be treated 'like a book'.

Wingedchariot.com (whose product this isn't) are exploring very delicately and skillfully how to retain and improve the very best things about books and the atmospheres and relationships they engender. It's a fascinating area which needs serious - and playful! - exploration.

Meanwhile the imminent arrival of tablets that are more like giant iTouches than mini laptops is very important to the future of the book. This is surely the gizmo that will allow us to focus in depth on immersive content that fuses literary and multimedia elements.


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