events dear boy

Thanks to Pete Law, if:book is to run a game at
Hide & Seek Sandpit next week. We'll be holding our first English to English speed-translation prize involving a chapter from Tristram Shandy. Great foreign novels are re-translated into English regularly, always with the intention of being an authentic version of the original yet refreshed for a new generation of readers. The same doesn't happen with fiction in our own language which may get abridged or adapted for screen, but there's no equivalent process of re-rendering. And so books like Sterne's Tristram Shandy become ever denser to contemporary readers despite their wit and relevance to our times - until eventually they'll get old enough to be given the treatment that Heaney and Armitage have recently provided for Beowolf and Gawain. Anyway, our game next monday will be a start.

I've been zipping about a lot and tweeting rather than blogging thoughts from the UNICEF round table discussion last week, the Society of Young Publishers' conference in
Oxford at the weekend, and recent meetings with Winged Chariot, Pete Law, Timo Hannay and friends... I'd like to put some longer thoughts together on all of these, but there's just too much to do right now...

Meanwhile here's a link to a good article about artist Eames Demetrios, a participant in the Institute's roundtable on the Really Modern Library some time ago, and in town recently to launch new Kymerian plaques at the Frieze Art Fair.


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