virtual frankfurt

Now that we're funded to run the ifsoflo network for literature organisations, I'm going to use this blog to keep track of digital developments relevant to our sector and hope others will be prepared to contribute links, information and comment.

I didn't go to the Frankfurt Book Fair last week, but tried to do it virtually, keeping track of the stream of tweets emanating from the hall, mostly about parties and deals involving zombies. The jist is: it was quieter than usual, which was good for independent publishers; everyone's talking about e-books, nobody knows quite what to say about them.

O'Reilly's Tools Of Change held in Frankfurt included presentations by Sara Lloyd of Pan Macmillan, revisiting her manifesto (which quotes if:book), Cory Doctorow railing against Digital Rights Management, Dominique Raccah of Source Books (who I was delighted to meet up with in London recently) and Timo Hannay of
Actually I'm really sorry I missed this chance to meet up with Alain Pierrot, Virginie Clayssen and other innovators I've been getting to know via digital means.

Here's a classic talk by Clay Shirky (with too much droning on about what's cool and smart, but hey)- and here are 11 Axioms of 21st Century Publishing

And thanks to Pete Law for spotting this on James Bridle's excellent blog.

I really will be speaking at the Guadalajara Book Fair in November - which I'm very much looking forward to.


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