ficstimming in fin de crouch

We had a very good evening at the Moors Bar launching the Fictional Stimulus. Thanks to Andy for inviting us, Sasha and Toni for managing to make the technology work in time, Kate, Chris, Cindy, Anna for their brilliant contributions - and Tim who came all the way from Sarf London to give a great account of Kidmapping activities. And thanks to everyone who came along, especially those who wrote us some garden stories in preparation for the 24 Hour Book more news of which very soon. The film is a sweep around those present at 10.30ish.
We'd like to do more in that venue so would love to hear from those who might attend future events there.

It's Day Two in the Fictional Stimulus and the conversation is developing. Over 100 housemates and rising.

Today I spoke at one of the Guardian's regular Reading for Pleasure conferences for teachers.

We were asked (unexpectedly) for 3 TOP TIPS from our workshop. Ours were:

1) Don't obsess about how to work the technology, but get to grips with what it makes possible. If you know what you want to do with it, you can find someone to help you.

2) Shake off old habits and go back to first principles about what you think really matters about books and reading

3) Talk to your students about all this - they know more about how to make the web work, and you need to understand how they access information and approach the world in a digital way.

The session and contacts made there were really useful for me as we plan the launch of our education project, The Hotbook, for next January, and we work to create a network of champions for it in schools. My worry is that many schools will like the idea, think they ought to use the free digital resources we're producing and then not quite get round to using them! All advice on this very welcome.


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